Just visiting.

The pictures in my iPhoto library scrolled in front of my eyes like credits rolling on a screen at the end of a movie. Only faster. I was feeling a little uneasy in my stomach. Granted, I could have been getting motion sick from the quick movement (No, really. I’m serious. This happened to me onceContinue reading “Just visiting.”

Home Base.

When I was 10 years old, my dad took the position of pastor at Emmanuel Community Church. Six weeks later, my mom died suddenly in our kitchen while sitting at the table. She had been reading a book, and drinking a cup of coffee when she began to collapse. Needless to say, it was aContinue reading “Home Base.”

13 Things I Learned During the Christmas Season of 2013.

The cookie tray is down to a few sugar cookies that could possibly break your teeth. There are also a variety of rogue sprinkles on the tray reminding me of all that’s been created and enjoyed. It feels to me like the Christmas season has gone by extra fast this year. I love Christmas andContinue reading “13 Things I Learned During the Christmas Season of 2013.”

Extreme Makeover: Dollhouse Edition

I think Ty Pennington would be proud. You know, the host of the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Though the show is off of the air now, Ty and his team spent several years knocking down old homes and replacing them with beautiful new ones. The show is filled with celebrity appearances, as well asContinue reading “Extreme Makeover: Dollhouse Edition”