About Christy

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I’m the wife of a blue-eyed husband and we have three blue-eyed kids. Seemed appropriate to name my blog Ten Blue Eyes- life as we see it.

I enjoy writing about my family, and usually, both the highs and the lows make headlines, both at our dinner table, and on my blog. Often, I find a way to tie the stories in with what I’m learning about faith and life in general.  The simple moments teach me much. I have a lot to learn.

In 4th grade I wrote a book entitled Jessie’s Big Problem about a girl who had a thumb sucking addiction. It may or may not have been based on actual events. Ever since taking that beautiful, plastic spiral-bound, colored-on, and Apple IIE printed book to the Indiana Young Authors Conference, I’ve enjoyed telling a good story.

When I was in 5th grade I lost my mother to sudden and shocking death. My heart was broken.

My dad married my second mom when I was in 6th grade. I was overjoyed!

In middle school, I woke up to the world of sports and enjoyed running around the basketball court with big bangs and long socks.

I have a degree in educational ministries and Bible from Huntington University, in Huntington, Indiana.

When I was 24-years-old, I married a man that I’d only hoped existed as teenager dreaming of “the one.” While we were dating, he made me memorize the starting line-up of the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers. I married him anyway. I’m very glad I did!

Our oldest child, Karson, is a cancer survivor. He also knows how to solve a Rubik’s cube in less than one minute. I can not solve a Rubik’s cube even when he is giving me instructions.

Kraig and I have lost three babies to miscarriage. I like words, but have trouble finding adequate ones to describe the aching and isolating grief a miscarriage leaves in its wake. I know many other women can relate, which is both comforting and sad.

Our two daughters, Karly and Kenzie, delight us with their love of Hallmark movies and all things girlie. I love when the girls snuggle up to me on the couch in the evenings when our family watches The Andy Griffith Show or Dude Perfect.

Sometimes I write on my blog. Sometimes I write books. I’ve written grants for a non-profit organization, I’ve shared about being a “cancer mom” on a hospital blog. I write Bible study material, I’ve written blogs for my church’s Women’s Ministry, contributed to devotionals for athletes, and most recently, I’ve been making Activity Books. It’s really a mixed bag. I try to keep it organized, but sometimes it’s tricky to find my keys.

I’ve been known to laugh out loud (LOL!) as I’m writing. I’ve also felt the sting of tears as I type. I know I’m not alone in believing that  sharing about life and faith can bring great comfort, hope, and the encouragement to grow.  Peter, Paul, and John would probably agree.

I hope you find encouragement here. And maybe a few laughs.

Stories. Truth. Hope. Fun.

5 thoughts on “About Christy

  1. Great blog, enjoyed all the pictures from the last year and the update! Merry Christmas from Uncle Dee and Aunt Kathy.

  2. excellent woman of God….amazing work by this amazing person…GREAT GIFT TO US ALL!! Great blog posts and videos and wonderful website….just an excellent job overall to share an amazing woman and her life morsels!!!! READ the book…check out the blog regularly if you have not done so and be really moved by what you hear for daily life. THANK you Christy for putting the work into your passion for others. We are all blessed!!!!! Servants for HIM!!!

  3. Good explanation of the way I’m feeling too, Christy. It helps me to focus on doing things for others…and to NOT watch all the news reports. I put my TRUST in Him and hope the sea will calm soon!

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