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Brownie Crumbs is a must read memoir. From laugh-out-loud childhood tales to touching stories about loss and leukemia, Christy shows us how our life morsels sustain us through laughter and tears. Through her personal journey, you will learn to savor life—every bite is better than the last! 
—Sara Ward, author of Made for Hope, Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness

In this moving and beautifully written memoir, Christy Cabe shows readers how to find hope and contentment amidst the day-to-day realities of life. She reminds us that joy is not contingent on our circumstances – it is available through Christ in even the deepest and darkest valleys. Your faith will be refreshed as you savor every “morsel” of Christy’s inspiring story.
—Jim Daly, President – Focus on the Family

It’s people like Christy Cabe who allow us to experience life more deeply through sharing their own experiences. Brownie Crumbs opens our hearts and our minds to live and remember. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll smile, and you’ll sit in awe as you turn the pages. This book connected to my life journey, both on and off the court, and aligns with my desire to search for the good in every situation, and ultimately, to IMPACT the lives of those around me. Thank you, Christy, for such an amazing read
—Tamika Catchings, former WNBA All-Star & Olympian & author of Catch A Star

From the author:

As a preteen girl, I ate the last brownie my mother would ever make. She had passed away in our kitchen just days before.I savored every crumb.

Less than a year later, my dad married again – the woman I would soon call “Mom.” It’s a love story of grief, and choosing to open our hearts again.

I now have a love story of my own that led to me being a wife and mother of three. Family life is full. Full of joy in growth, laughter around the dinner table, and sorrow in hardships. It was not easy when we lost babies to miscarriage, or when our toddler son was diagnosed with cancer and underwent three years of chemotherapy treatments.

Sidesplitting laughter. Gut-wrenching pain. Mundane, tasteless seasons. I can honestly tell you, I’ve experienced all of it.
And my guess is, you have too.

We all live through the sweet and the sour. We each taste the delicious and the disagreeable. But I believe life can be savored through the heartache, joy, and the moments in between.

I have this hope because of my faith in God. It is what has carried me through and has given me a purpose and a peace greater than any circumstance.

Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels tells these true stories and challenges you to savor your own life. Each chapter concludes with a bite-sized morsel. A sentence or two meant to summarize the message of that story and season, and to encourage and equip you to savor life.

May you find joy in both the scrumptious and the bitter. May you find peace in the bland. And most of all, may you see hope in the crumbs.

—Christy Cabe

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