Extreme Makeover: Dollhouse Edition

I think Ty Pennington would be proud. You know, the host of the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Though the show is off of the air now, Ty and his team spent several years knocking down old homes and replacing them with beautiful new ones. The show is filled with celebrity appearances, as well as generous donations from Sears and various other companies. It’s always touching to watch the deserving families see their new home for the first time.

And who doesn’t enjoy a good before and after shot!

I had a makeover project of my own this Christmas season. Sears didn’t donate any appliances, but after Grandma, Pappy, and Santa pitched in for some furniture I think things turned out quite lovely.

I greatly enjoyed refinishing my old dollhouse for my little girls.

When I was a little girl my Dad built me this dollhouse. You may wonder if this was to make up for the candle he dropped (see: The Passing of the Candle.) But regardless, he built me a dollhouse and I LOVED it! I spent hours playing with my little dolls and Barbies. I had one particular friend who enjoyed imagination and Barbies as much as I did and I’d love to know how many hours we logged in front of that dollhouse. We had a Barbie car, shower, and even a hot dog stand. We’d even throw Barbie weddings and send invitations to my Mom and brother. They’d show up too! My Mom came to the Barbie weddings because that’s just what Moms do. My brother would come because we’d serve Hostess Cupcakes as the wedding cake. We still have actual developed rolls of film full of Barbie ceremonial wedding bliss. Ahhh… the memories.

The dollhouse still stands. My Dad wasn’t joking around when he built it. In fact, I think it would possibly weather a tornado better than our actual house! However, when Kraig and I pulled it down from the attic in early December we realized it was slightly behind the times. And by slightly I mean the carpet and wallpaper were at least 2 decades old, possibly 3.

Let the makeover begin!

I painted, hung wallpaper, carpeted, laid vinyl and hardwood. I also added some finishing touches to the exterior of the house and my Dad did some re-wiring for the tiny inside lights.

I was happy with the results and what made me even more happy was watching our little girls play with my old dollhouse. What a joy!

And, did I take before and after pictures, you ask? You bet I did! Enjoy the gallery below.

Exreme Makeover: Dollhouse Edition… with NO commercial breaks!


The team, looking good as always, began the work.

We did have a few celebrity appearances. Peyton Manning showed up to do some exterior work and gardening. This was really kind of him considering he’s a little busy right now.

And Terry Bradshaw worked on the plumbing.

Not to be outdone by Ty Pennigton and his team we even had a revealing like on the show. We parked a bus in front of the finished house just like they do and made the family stand nervously behind it…waiting to see their new home!

Our bus was driven by Mr. Incredible. He’s always happy to help out. He is a super hero, you know.

The family waited. The suspense was thick. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath and standing as still as statues.

And then it was time for the big reveal!


Touching. Isn’t it?!

Well, like Ty Pennington says… There’s only one thing left to say.

Welcome home Plastic family! Welcome Home.

2 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Dollhouse Edition

  1. This is amazing and I picture Josie doing this for her girls someday! We have 2 very special dollhouses downstairs that will need remodeled as time goes by since they were painted at age 8:) Love your blogs Christy!~

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