Just visiting.

The pictures in my iPhoto library scrolled in front of my eyes like credits rolling on a screen at the end of a movie. Only faster. I was feeling a little uneasy in my stomach. Granted, I could have been getting motion sick from the quick movement (No, really. I’m serious. This happened to me onceContinue reading “Just visiting.”

Life on Tape Delay

I wrote this particular post as a guest blogger for Focus on the Family President, Jim Daly. It was posted on Mr. Daly’s blog here: http://www.focusonlinecommunities.com/blogs/Finding_Home/2012/08/03/what-one-mom-has-learned-from-the-olympics I was also given permission to post it on my personal blog. I was very humbled and excited about this opportunity! I hope you enjoy it as well. I’veContinue reading “Life on Tape Delay”

The Popcorn Bowl.

What do I think of when I think of true love, commitment, and romance? You’ll probably never guess. Ok, maybe if you read the title of this post you’ve got a good idea. Otherwise, would you believe our popcorn bowl is what triggers reminders for me of how much I love my husband? Yeah, itContinue reading “The Popcorn Bowl.”

5 Years Ago…

I’m such a processor. I think and reflect often about my life. And, when an anniversary or significant reminder rolls around, I am especially pensive. Today is one of those days. Today marks the 5th anniversary of our son, Karson, being diagnosed with cancer. For me, writing is therapeutic. I started a blog just aContinue reading “5 Years Ago…”