When It Is Well with Your Soul, But Not with the Rest of You

I remember the somber voices singing at my mother’s funeral. I sat beside my dad, near the front of the church, as the crowd behind us led and echoed the chorus of the hymn “It Is Well.” It Is Well              It Is Well With My Soul             With My Soul And though I wasContinue reading “When It Is Well with Your Soul, But Not with the Rest of You”

Just visiting.

The pictures in my iPhoto library scrolled in front of my eyes like credits rolling on a screen at the end of a movie. Only faster. I was feeling a little uneasy in my stomach. Granted, I could have been getting motion sick from the quick movement (No, really. I’m serious. This happened to me onceContinue reading “Just visiting.”

A Thanksgiving Dinner

As a guest blogger for Riley Hospital for Children, where our son received treatment for cancer as a small child, I’ve been asked to write about a variety of topics. Recently I was asked if I could write something for the hospital to post on Thanksgiving Day. I thought about it for awhile and thenContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Dinner”

Life on Tape Delay

I wrote this particular post as a guest blogger for Focus on the Family President, Jim Daly. It was posted on Mr. Daly’s blog here: http://www.focusonlinecommunities.com/blogs/Finding_Home/2012/08/03/what-one-mom-has-learned-from-the-olympics I was also given permission to post it on my personal blog. I was very humbled and excited about this opportunity! I hope you enjoy it as well. I’veContinue reading “Life on Tape Delay”

5 Years Ago…

I’m such a processor. I think and reflect often about my life. And, when an anniversary or significant reminder rolls around, I am especially pensive. Today is one of those days. Today marks the 5th anniversary of our son, Karson, being diagnosed with cancer. For me, writing is therapeutic. I started a blog just aContinue reading “5 Years Ago…”

Delivering Hope

As wonderful as it was to be a part of the assembly process of the 7,000 Super Baskets of Hope on Monday, it’s been just as special to help deliver a few of them. Although most of the 7,000 baskets were shipped across the nation to the 32 NFL cities, Indiana got to keep aContinue reading “Delivering Hope”