My Heart Will Go On.

Author Elizabeth Stone is quoted as saying,

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

I would add that watching the kindergarten-sized version of that heart get on the bus for the first time is just plain painful. At least it was for me.


I will never forget the emotions that welled up inside of me the moment I saw that big, yellow beast come bellowing toward my son. Ok, maybe it wasn’t bellowing, but it was getting closer and closer. And when it stopped in front of us, with it’s little red stop sign flippantly waving hello, I thought I might be a goner.

How could my sweet little baby boy, the one who smelled like bath lotion and rice cereal, be walking up the bus steps? Did school really have to start today? Couldn’t we wait until after Christmas, or five or six more years? Is it really that important for our kids to know how to read and write and draw a triangle?

Yes, I guess it is important. But, as I watched the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round with my baby boy inside I tried to hold back the tears. My husband, who was going into work late that morning so that he could be there to watch this momentous occasion, shook his head and grinned at me. He knew better than to say his thoughts out loud. Mommy is fragile right now. Handle with care.

But low and behold, my baby boy made it through his first day of kindergarten with flying colors. And what’s even more amazing; I survived too!

I guess it’s just like Céline Dion says; near, far, wherever you are… even if it’s off to your first day of a new season of life….my heart will go on!


One thought on “My Heart Will Go On.

  1. Great timing! Great words! As I read through all of the “first day of school” FB posts my heart felt a twinge of days gone by. But within moments my heart went fast forward through all of the glorious moments with my children that followed on. Life is full of “first moments” that take our breath away. Embracing these moments is what gives value and joy to all of the in between events in our lives. So today I rejoice as you and other families live out these wonderful “first days of school” for it is through your words and pictures that I am reminded of the great many blessings I have received from God!

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