Island Issues.

My dad called me earlier this summer and sent me on a mission. He was out of town and afraid Costco would sell out of a large raft he’d seen and he thought we needed it for our upcoming lake vacation. Operation vacation floatation accepted. And then I stood frozen in the aisle at Costco. I stared atContinue reading “Island Issues.”

Snail Spa

I’ve heard it said that no lake vacation is complete without a man-made snail habitat. Er, something like that. But I can’t argue with the saying, because it certainly rang true for us. While spending a week with our extended family, my daughters and their cousin not only discovered the snails in the shallow water ofContinue reading “Snail Spa”

Give It A Rest.

It’s really just a piece of junk that our dentist gave my son as a prize after a routine teeth cleaning. The pink and blue toy top with the smiley face lays on the floor as another hazard for bare feet, along with the Barbie shoes and plastics beads. With a quick snap of my thumb andContinue reading “Give It A Rest.”

Nothing to Lose.

I’ll never forget what she said. She stood behind the simple podium telling a room full of young moms the heartbreaking story of her infant daughter’s death. My throat felt tight and many eyes twinkled with tears as she told our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group the details of her unimaginable loss. But it was oneContinue reading “Nothing to Lose.”

In Plenty And In Want.

It was a few tissues and an empty Starbucks cup that tipped me over the edge. They were strewn on the floor around the empty trash can instead of being out by the curb with the rest of the trash that my husband had collected. Didn’t he see he’d dropped it and he really hadn’tContinue reading “In Plenty And In Want.”

Easy Does It.

I appreciated the fact that my eleven-year-old son wanted to help me put the groceries into our van from the shopping cart. What I didn’t like quite as much was when he placed a case of water bottles on top of the loaf of bread. The Sunbeam lady on the bread packaging looked a little shocked asContinue reading “Easy Does It.”

Did You See That?

Here I am again trying another Five Minute Friday. This is where I link up at this site with other bloggers and we all write about the same topic for 5 minutes (or so…this one was closer to 10 minutes for me) and then we link up with each other for fun. We are allContinue reading “Did You See That?”

The Longest Temporary.

I’m trying something new today! A friend, who is an amazing writer and blogger at Poets And Saints, encouraged me to try Five Minute Friday where you write for 5 minutes about a topic that is given to you and then you link up with other bloggers who did the same. Each Friday there is aContinue reading “The Longest Temporary.”