Easy Does It.

I appreciated the fact that my eleven-year-old son wanted to help me put the groceries into our van from the shopping cart. What I didn’t like quite as much was when he placed a case of water bottles on top of the loaf of bread. The Sunbeam lady on the bread packaging looked a little shocked as well.

Later in the week, my son sat on a piece of cake.

Granted the cake was not on the table, but had been cut and placed on a “to go” plate and covered with plastic for me by my Mom who was sending it home from a family birthday party. She had placed it on a bench by the door for me to grab on my way out and Karson somehow did not see it when he sat down on the bench to tie his shoes. So he says.

Easy, boy.

As the old saying goes, this is why we can’t have nice things. Or recognizable bread slices.

But, apparently, if covered with plastic, you can have your cake, sit on it, and then eat it too.


This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday challenge where a one word prompt is given and bloggers take 5 minutes to write about whatever comes to mind based on the prompt. Today’s word: EASY. For more posts by other Five Minute Friday bloggers go to http://katemotaung.com

4 thoughts on “Easy Does It.

  1. Ha! I definitely cringed for you — both with the bread incident, and the cake! Oh dear! Glad you still ate it, at least .. 😉 Thanks for writing and linking up with FMF!

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