Neighbor Day Weekend

Happy Neighbor Day

My youngest daughter snuggled into me this morning on the recliner. She had just gotten out of bed for the day and carried her seemingly ever-present-when-she-first-wakes-up purple blanket down with her. She rubbed it against her face.

She’s in first grade, so I delight in these moments. They are becoming increasingly rare.

“I’m excited about today.” She said softly.

“Why?” I asked, expecting her to tell me she likes the fact it’s picture day at school, or something she is planning to play at recess.

“It’s Neighbor Day weekend!”

I laughed, and before I could correct her, her big sister chimed in.

“Not Neighbor Day, Kenzie! LABOR day.” Karly said as she shook her know-it-all third grade head.

“Then when is Neighbor Day?” Kenzie asked.

Karly told her there was no such thing.

I corrected her.

“Actually,” I said, “EVERY day is Neighbor Day. Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and he didn’t say just one certain day of the year. He meant every day.”

Karly gave me an eye roll. And then she grinned.

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” She said.

If only we were given a three-day weekend to celebrate Neighbor Day every week.


But nonetheless, I hope to celebrate today.

And every day.

Happy Neighbor Day to you! Today, and always.

This blog was inspired by the Five Minute Friday community where bloggers are encouraged to spend 5 minute blogging based on a one-word prompt. This week’s word: NEIGHBOR.


7 thoughts on “Neighbor Day Weekend

  1. Christy, this is just the best story ever. A slip of the tongue and you have the heart of God coming out on a weekend everyone will be out and about. May we all show Happy Neighbor Day at every opportunity. Such a great post. In the spot after you:)

  2. Christy thank you for this heart-warming story. I love your response to your daughters. I have been in tricky situations lately where my son wants to give his things away in school, thinking he has to help lots of people. Have a blessed Neighbor Day Weekend, Julie, visiting from FMF

  3. Actually I can’t believe it’s not a hallmark national holiday yet! Great story and reminder for us and how we treat our neighbors!

  4. So sweet!! I quite like “Neighbor Day Weekend”. Might adopt that term myself for the future. Well done on not missing an opportunity to share scripture with your babies. Well done, mama! (Your #fmfparty neighbor, no. 29)

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