Book Excerpt – “Letting Go and Moving Forward,” From – If Only It Were a Piece of Cake

With school starting, parents dropping their sons and daughters off at college, young people beginning their first jobs, and empty nest transitions of no more preschoolers in the nest during the day, or kids living under the parents’ roof at all anymore, there’s a lot of LETTING GO and MOVING FORWARD happening this time ofContinue reading “Book Excerpt – “Letting Go and Moving Forward,” From – If Only It Were a Piece of Cake”

I Don’t Want To Let Go!

Hi. My name is Christy and I struggle with letting go. Hi, Christy. I mean, I get excited about new things, but I don’t like having to let go of what is familiar and comfortable and safe. Change can be scary, particularly if there are unknowns ahead. Like, if I can’t picture what my routineContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Let Go!”

In This Corner…

I am going to be very honest here. Not that I usually lie. But, I like to write about something after I’ve got it neatly figured out in my mind. I prefer to organize my thoughts and feelings in a nicely gift-wrapped package and then deliver them onto my blog’s doorstep for others to enjoy.Continue reading “In This Corner…”

Bear Cub on a Barbie Bike

Down the street my little bear cub rode on the pretty, pink and purple Barbie bike with it’s matching girly training wheels. It should have been ever so cute. But it wasn’t. The bear cub on the bike wasn’t my little, pigtailed, feminine three-year-old, but instead her tall-for-his-age seven-year-old brother. His knees came up aboveContinue reading “Bear Cub on a Barbie Bike”