Nothing to Lose.

I’ll never forget what she said. She stood behind the simple podium telling a room full of young moms the heartbreaking story of her infant daughter’s death. My throat felt tight and many eyes twinkled with tears as she told our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group the details of her unimaginable loss. But it was oneContinue reading “Nothing to Lose.”

A Different Dare

We walked down the tiled and cold hallway of the mall.  My little daughter’s warm and soft hand was in mine. Her feet shuffled quickly as she worked to keep up with my stride and her sweet little eyes moved from side to side as she took in our surroundings. The lights. The mannequins in the windows dressedContinue reading “A Different Dare”

A Glutton For Grace

I drew in a deep breath and then let it out quickly. I pushed my lips firmly together and shut my eyes while I clenched my fists. Why was I so angry? It was a pile of toys, for crying out loud. And it was in the basement where the kids are supposed to playContinue reading “A Glutton For Grace”