A Different Dare.

Last week I tried Five Minute Friday for the first time and I enjoyed it! It was a good challenge for me and I had fun trying to be creative with the topic. Five Minute Friday is where a group of bloggers (anybody who wants to) write on a given topic (from a one word prompt!) for 5 minutes and then link up with others who have done the same. I thought I’d give it a try again this week. 

Today’s word: DARE




We walked down the tiled and cold hallway of the mall.  My little daughter’s warm and soft hand was in mine.

Her feet shuffled quickly as she worked to keep up with my stride and her sweet little eyes moved from side to side as she took in our surroundings.

The lights. The mannequins in the windows dressed in strange clothes. The signs. The smells. The noise.

It was all communicating loudly to us without saying a word. It dared us to join in. “These are the things that society says are important.” it was clearly stating.

Wear the trendy clothes. Be relevant. 

Spritz yourself daily with a scent created by someone you admire.

Be thin. No, be skinny.

Fit in with right crowd.

Spend. Spend. Spend.

To thine own self be true.

But, little daughters of mine, I dare you to be different. And I’ve found that being different is even more difficult than trying to be the same as everyone else. 

I hold your hand today, but someday soon you’ll grow up and be gone. And so I want you to hear these things and hold them in your heart.

Wear dignity. Be full of grace. 

Spritz yourself daily with gratitude, for you have been created by the One who admires you.

Be you. Be healthy.

Help those who don’t seem to fit anywhere.

Give. Give. Give.

Be humble and think of others’ needs above your own.

For these are the things that are truly important.

I dare you to be different.


8 thoughts on “A Different Dare.

  1. This is beautiful. And you’re so right. My daughter is grown and gone. I dared her–and still do–to be different, and to not conform to the ways of this world. Time goes so incredibly fast. Keep teaching those little ones like you are. It’ll pay off. So glad I followed you at FMF! You have a beautiful family too! Blessings!

    1. Julie,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Time sure does go by fast. I wish I could find a way to slow it down!

      Thanks for stopping by from FMF!! It has been fun to give this a try! Maybe we’ll “run into each other” again! 🙂


  2. These are so good. I am up too late tonight praying and listening concerning our girls preschool choices. What and who will influence them. These precious vessels for God. I dare you to be different – so good.

  3. Christy, I had to comment on yours, because you said last week was your first FMF! Well…this week is mine! So it’s almost like we’re soulmates. Or not. But you know what I mean.
    I love your post…it resonates with my own desires (my biggest prayers!) that my son will be a leader for Christ in his generation…that he’ll be the one who courageously goes against the cultural grain.
    See you next Friday…

  4. What a really really truly beautiful piece of writing. Loved it: the thoughts behind it, the execution…just wondrous. Thank you. [I write letters to my daughter, for her to open in the future, and this piece of yours reminded me so much of one I’ve written her just recently]. Loved your line, “being different is even more difficult than trying to be the same as everyone else” – unfortunately, it’s so true….

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