One In A Million.

My son’s bus came to a sliding stop this morning on the ice rink/road near our home. As my boy started to make his way up the steps and on to school, I jokingly reminded him of his teacher’s name. I was only half-kidding. Due to snow and cold weather our local schools have been closed as much as they’ve been open this winter. It’s been crazy.

Crazy… and kind of fun.

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of many of my local friends clicking the “unfriend” button. It seems from the status updates of many that I am alone in my enjoyment of this crazy snow and winter schedule.

In case anyone is still reading, let me explain.

I’ve not loved it all.

I’ve been frustrated with the lack of schedule. I’ve been bored with the monotony of the same scenery, same people, same things to be done day-in and snowy day-out. I’ve been challenged to keep a kind attitude and gentle voice when disciplining my kids for the umpteenth time over the same disagreement. And I’ve been just plain cold!

But there are many things that I’ve actually enjoyed about being snowed in with my people. Granted, I’m a stay-at-home mom and so I’ve not had the difficulty of juggling a work schedule with these snow days. For those who have, kuddos for making it happen! You are amazing. But, like I said, I’ve just had more people at home with me lately.

And, I live in a heated home with people that I actually like to be with quite a bit. So, more time with them has been a bonus for me.

I know, I’m probably losing more of you. You’ve had enough and simply can’t stand to hear any more of someone stopping to smell the proverbial roses.

But just indulge me a tiny bit longer. I don’t want you to miss it.

I don’t want you to miss the beauty in all of this snow. Yes, I know it’s a pain. I’ve personally helped push a stranger’s car out of a snow drift (Have you seen my muscles? If so, you’re doubting that last statement… but I had help!) I’ve slipped on ice and had a sore body. I’ve been delayed and stuck. It’s not all been wonderful.

But I’ve seen beauty in it.

Yesterday I was outside with my kiddos as they worked on building yet another snow fort. While they were busy playing I had my face about two inches from the snow, just staring at it as the sun was bouncing off of it. And it took my vaporized breath away.

When I stopped to look at the snow, and I mean REALLY look at it, I could actually see the individual snowflakes piled on top of each other making up the frozen tundra that is now our yard.

And it was beautiful.

ALL of that snow and I could see one little flake. One in a million. One in a billion.

One. Beautiful. Snowflake.

Now, I’m not a photographer, but I got my camera and snapped away. My photos don’t do it justice, but they will give you the idea.

DSC_0866  DSC_0937






Beautiful. Each snowflake is beautiful. And usually we miss them. We miss the forest for the trees. We see how this snow has wrecked our schedules, cars, and sanity, but we miss the beauty it has sprinkled along the way.

The beauty of more time with those whom we love the most.

The beauty of anticipation of routine and of Spring.

The beauty of quiet, slower days that force us to stop the chaos and be still for a moment.

The beauty of gratitude for things we usually take for granted, like school teachers and calendars.

The beauty of the snow.

The beauty of one single snowflake. One in a million.

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