10 Things I Learned Over Christmas Break

10. Injuries are well worth the pain if they warrant a Barbie band-aid.

9. Flaming desserts are actually on fire and four-year-olds should be advised not to touch them until they are no longer on fire. (However, if injury ensues, see #10)

8. Santa really enjoys homemade chocolate chip cookies, especially since Mrs. Claus has been keeping them quite scarce around the house lately.

7. It’s really easy to guess what one of your gifts will be when you smell a nice fragrance wafting from the area where your husband wrapped a leaking bottle of new perfume.

6. Having a house full of family and friends is just plain fun. Getting snow after everyone has arrived and is settled in makes it even better. Having a Keurig coffeemaker is the icing on the cake.

5.  The longer children have been stuck playing together in the basement the stranger the things that can be heard uttered from their parent’s mouth. For example:  statements like, “No, you may not stick that Lincoln Log in your sister’s crack.”

4. Trying to guess what your preschooler has drawn in a game of “Win, Lose or Draw” is very difficult and although it may look like a jellyfish every time, the correct answer is apparently never jellyfish.

3. Watching your pigtailed two-year-old sing “Away In A Manger,” complete with hand motions, will melt your heart.

2. When you look out the window and see your son playing in the snow… with a plunger… it’s best just to walk away and pretend that you never looked in the first place.

1. Experiencing the joy and wonder of Jesus’ birth through the eyes of your children is a precious Christmas gift.

6 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned Over Christmas Break

  1. Jeff,Christian and Isaac don’t get #10 but Tonya, Emily, and I are so in!!! Only thing better is princess bandaids!!! HAHAHA

  2. I read this to my husband and we couldn ‘t stop laughing. Ah, the tales we mothers can tell! I hope you got a pic of Karson with the plunger…..good blackmail for the future

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