Now I’ve done it!

I’ve finally done it!

I am starting a family blog. I have considered doing this for quite some time but haven’t pulled the trigger. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years but so far I’ve been writing on Karson’s Leukemia Blog site and most of the updates were focused on his medical progress and leukemia journey. However, God has been so gracious in Karson’s life and has blessed Karson with healing and health. I still want to keep Karson’s blog and will still update it periodically, but thankfully the news is only occasional and not frequent like it once was. Our life in general has become less focused on hospital trips and more focused on school, playtime and church activities…not to mention two little girls!

When I started to write our Christmas letter for the year and planned to post it to Karson’s blog, Kraig asked if maybe it was time to start a new blog… a family blog that could be for all sorts of updates-not just about Karson’s health. So… here we are!

I’ve learned how to use WordPress and came up with a blog name and now we’re off and running! I posted our Christmas Letter for 2011 below. If you’d like to “follow” this site and receive emails when it’s updated you can choose that option in the column to the right.

I look forward to writing and sharing about our family here. And, please feel free to continue to read about Karson’s progress. We have moved his site to WordPress as well and you can find it at

Thanks for reading!

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