Activity Books

2020 has been a year full of the unexpected, and one of those changes in my life has been my delving into making Activity Books! I love it!

I have a variety of books and topics. Feel free to check them out on Amazon at their links below.

Love Your Neighbor Company

The Love Your Neighbor series encourages and reminds kids that “Everyone Is My Neighbor!” The books display a variety of interests, skin tones, abilities, and themes and teach a message of kindness, love, and friendship. Each theme comes in a coloring book and also is available in 9 other interior options: handwriting paper, composition paper, sheet music, sketch paper, story paper, blank comic book paper, half blank/half wide rule, journal paper, cursive paper. You can check them out here:

Giant Books of Fun

These Giant Books of Fun are 200 pages of activities the whole family can enjoy! They are personalized to specific lakes or communities, and include coloring pages of events and activities specific to that lake or community, maps of the area to color, games such as, “Tic Tac Turtle,” “Four Buoys in a Row,” “Fill in the Blank Silly Stories,” about that specific area, “Water Drops Dots and Boxes,” and more! There are also journal pages to record memories. If you don’t see a book about a lake or community you know and love, send me a message from my contact page and I’ll consider adding it. You can check out the Giant Books of Fun on Amazon at Bass and Pike Press here:

At the Lakes Series

The At the Lake series features a variety of lake-themed coloring books. Many of these interiors are similar, but the are slightly tweaked based on the theme. You can find “At the Lake with Grandma and Grandpa,” “At the Lake with my Cousins,” “At the Lake – Sleepover Time,” “At the Lake – Fourth of July” and many more! You can find them at Bass and Pike Press on Amazon along with the Giant Books of Fun.

We Can Do This!

These books are aimed at giving encouragement and hope in the midst of difficult times. School looks different this year, but We Can Do This! These books are aimed at grades K-2 and 3-5 and they include such messages as:

  • School might look different this year, but we can adapt!
  • “We can adapt” means we can get used to the changes at school, and over time, they will become less strange and difficult.
  • Sometimes we wear a mask at school to keep ourselves and others safe.
  • We can trust our teachers to help us adapt.
  • We can do our personal best!
  • Sometimes we social distance to keep each other safe.
  • We wash our hands at school to keep each other safe.
  • Sometimes, we might have school online from our own houses. We can still do our personal best!
  • Be kind. It is wrong to say or do things that make others sad.
  • Be kind. It is good to care for each other’s needs.
  • Be kind. It is good to treat each other how we’d like to be treated.
  • Have hope! We can get through this together!

They can be found on Amazon here:

Can You Face It?

The Can You Face It series help those trying to learn vocabulary in another language.

With Can You Face It? Read, Draw, Learn books you can enjoy drawing expressions on the blank faces on each page, and then check the translation answer key in the back of the book to see if you know the correct translation!

The top right corner on the front cover of each book in this series shows what two languages are contained in that particular book.

Current books available in this series:

  • English/Spanish
  • Spanish/English
  • French/English
  • English/French
  • German/English
  • English/German

A fun book for ages 1-5 to help with counting and coloring!


These are 200 page paperback sketchbooks with cute themes that carry throughout the pages.

Miscellaneous and Monogrammed

These books in the Maggie and Grace Creative Collection range from Monogrammed Notebooks, to Holiday Activity Books, to Distance Learning Composition Notebooks, and more! Check them out here:

Organized and Creative Girl

Designed with the help of my preteen daughter, this notebook has places to draw, record recipes, make checklists and more.


With our family being involved in sports, it’s only natural I have some “sporty” books too. Check out these golf coloring books and water sports books at the links below.